final submission

December 14, 2011

So here’s the splash screen for my final submission. I’ll post a video later this afternoon.

Like it says on the screen, it displays weather data for one of four predefined U.S. cities at a time depending on button input. Four push buttons were connected via Arduino, each corresponding to a single city. I had intended to include positive and negative reactions to local weather conditions based on Twitter posts, but I wasn’t able to get Twitter and Wunderground working together even after creating a Tweet class to keep the API calls separate. It’s very likely that I just don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to writing classes, though.

I got to this point with the Twitter glyphs without the Tweet class:

And go here to see the class I attempted to write:

I also ended up changing the Arduino code to send a single character on each button press, instead of the full city name or even the three-letter airport codes. Processing wasn’t consistently reading the entire string on a single line, and consequently the button presses didn’t always work. It’s not an ideal solution. It might be better to do something similar to the VirtualColorMixer example on the Arduino website, which essentially has Processing read comma-separated values. I wonder if debouncing the button input would also be helpful.

Final code is below. I’ve also zipped it up in this post.


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